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What is the AFFINITY OPERATING SYSTEM™ and what does it do?

The AFFINITY OPERATING SYSTEM™ is an easy-to-use digital dashboard that tracks your customers’ AND team members’ experiences and feedback as well as other key metrics. AFFINITY OS™ distils this data into a single number called the AFFINITY SCORE™.

Your AFFINITY SCORE™ gives you a very simple, real-time, at-a-glance indication of your company’s trajectory. It is the simplest, yet most powerful toolkit for managers, executives and company owners.

If your AFFINITY SCORE™ goes down, the powerful AI engine behind AFFINITY OS™ gives you the ability to pinpoint the issue

and address it before it has a significant impact on your bottom line.

AFFINITY OS™ gathers your data through an integration with your CRM platform, but also analyzes it and lets you know how to use it. It is designed to be used by even the least tech savvy members of your team and its price makes it the most efficient and affordable growth management toolkit on the market.

AFFINITY OS™ Will Help You:

 Track retention, referrals and sales through one simple number

Monitor the trajectory of your customer and team member experience

Utilize industry best Text Analytics and AI to provide insights into customer and team engagement and sentiment

Benchmarking enables multi-site operators to compare sites and build best practices

At roughly half-a-cent per day per member or customer, AFFINITY OS is the most cost-effective business enhancement tool available to owners and operators

Trending themes from text analytics provide early insights that establish goal posts for timely, effective decision making

“Financials tell us when we have extracted money from customers’ wallets, but they do not tell us when we have delighted them.”

~Harvard Business Review

Over the past decade, the top ranking NPS (Net Promoter Score®) companies have been consistently delighting their customers and demonstrating a median shareholder return of 5 times the U.S. median.

In fact, most top tier companies using NPS® and ENPS® (Employee Net Promoter Score) now report their scores to their investors as an indicator of performance, growth and retention trends.

The superior economics of companies with high NPS® (customer) and ENPS® (team) scores prove that generating more genuine Promoters (assets) and fewer Detractors (liabilities) drives sustainable growth.

Your AFFINITY SCORE combines your NPS® and ENPS® scores, distilling your team and customer satisfaction feedback into one simple number.

The AFFINITY OPERATING SYSTEM™ tracks this number along with other specific feedback and allows you to drill down on opportunities to optimize your sales, service, and operations to ensure consistently outstanding customer and team experiences. 

When customers and team members are delighted they become Promoters, coming back for more and bringing their family and friends. This in turn results in increased revenue and growth, which is the basis of “The Affinity Principle”.

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How does the AFFINITY OS™ work?

1. ASK

AFFINITY OS™ will automate the flow of feedback from your customers and team members to you.


Customizable and interactive visual reports of this feedback allows you to easily tune into your customers’ and team members’ feedback.


Have the ability to manage exchanges to ensure seamless interactions with your customers and team members.


Flexible reporting allows you to dissect and assimilate your customers’ and team members’ experiences.


Export your data or reports for wider distribution and optimization of the feedback received.


Use live, interactive, ongoing customer and team member  feedback to optimize your operations and ensure consistent optimal customer and team member experiences.

What is the  AFFINITY SCORE™ and why is it so powerful?

Your AFFINITY SCORE is the combination of your Net Promoter Score (NPS®) and your Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS®).

Your NPS® is an index ranging from -100 to 100 that measures the willingness of your customers to recommend your products or services to others. It is used as a proxy for gauging the customers’ overall satisfaction with your product or service and the customers’ loyalty to your brand.

Your ENPS® is an index ranging from -100 to 100 that measures the willingness of your team members to recommend your company to others. It is used as a proxy for gauging your team members’ overall satisfaction with your company as a workplace and their loyalty to your brand.

The AFFINITY OS™ is the only management tool on the market that combines your NPS® and ENPS®. Harvard Business Review calls this combination of data a very powerful predictor of your business’s growth potential.

Annual surveys do little to help you manage growth on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, which is where positive change happens.

The AFFINITY SCORE lets you track your company’s trajectory at a single site, or at multiple locations.

With AFFINITY OS™, you can understand the experiences that are creating “Promoters,” “Passives,” and “Detractors” – and drive your company to act. You can dig into the “why” behind your NPS® and ENPS® scores, prioritize investment, and distribute actionable data across your organization to drive engagement and improvement. Understanding NPS and ENPS is a great starting point for learning more about the health of your business; you can kick off programs and pull levers that create more advocates for your business among your customers and team members and ultimately deliver revenue you can rely on.

AFFINITY OS™ delivers your AFFINITY SCORE through:
  • Quarterly or Semi-Annual all-team ENPS® surveys, or random quarterly team sampling 
  • Ongoing randomized NPS® surveys to all “active” customers
  • Quarterly success call with the AFFINITY OS™ team to provide guidance on using the data effectively

Extended product

    • Transaction/Touchpoint surveys as requested or recommended to drill down into specific areas based on NPS® results

The AFFINITY OS™ Philosophy

The AFFINITY OS™ is based on “The Affinity Principle,” a best-selling mindful leadership book by Grant Ian Gamble.

“The Affinity Principle” presents a formula for long-term, sustained business success through a people-centric, mindful leadership approach. The Affinity Formula is simple: mindful leadership creates an incredible team performance, which leads to an awesome customer experience and that yields great financial results. 

The Affinity Formula

16 Significant Team Member Retention Facts → The Power of ENPS®

  1. The average team member exit costs 33% of their annual salary
  2. Team members that don’t feel recognized when they do great work are almost twice as likely to be job hunting
  3. Team members are 16% less likely to stay if there isn’t a culture of encouraging upward feedback
  4. Clear onboarding processes make team members 23% more likely to stick around
  5. Career advancement improves talent retention by 20%
  6. Millennials are 22x more likely to work for a company with a high trust culture
  7. A sense of purpose improves team member retention by 27%
  8. Lack of respect increases team member turnover by 26%
  9. Work-life balance increases team member defections by 10%
  10. 93% of team members say they would stay longer at a company if it invested in their careers
  11. A lack of appropriate management skills makes team members 4x more likely to quit
  12. Empowered team members are happy team members and 20% more likely to stay
  13. Companies that support remote work have 25% lower team member turnover than companies that don’t
  14. Team members prefer companies with a positive ethic by up to 79%, despite a better salary offer from another organization that displays unethical conduct
  15. High team member engagement rates lead to people being 87% less likely to leave their company
  16. Workplace diversity and inclusion impacts team member retention by over 67%


Create a better team member experience to stabilize your workforce and retain your talent.

AFFINITY OS™ can help you do this, and much more!

Why should you choose the AFFINITY OS™?

Simply focusing on the dollars, and not the people, has repeatedly proven to be a shortsighted growth strategy. 

AFFINITY OS™ focuses on the long-term growth opportunity provided by putting people first, always. 

When you take great care of your customers and team members improvements to your bottom line will inevitably follow.

That is the AFFINITY difference.


Is the AFFINITY OS™ expensive?

AFFINITY OS™ is pricing is proportional to your customer base to ensure it remains as affordable when you’re starting out as it is when your business is growing exponentially.

On average, you only need to save 3-4 annual members to cover the cost of the AFFINITY OS™ for a year.

Do I need a full-time team member to use AFFINITY OS™ effectively?

Only a relatively small time commitment is needed per day, per site. As a general rule, the amount of team time required is proportionate to the size of your customer base and number of sites being managed. With unlimited user accounts, you can have multiple team members working on feedback and sharing the load.

Is the AFFINITY OS™ easy to use?

AFFINITY OS™ is a very visual system and intuitively easy to use and understand. As your appreciation of the systems capabilities grow, so will your ability to leverage your accumulating database of feedback. 

Does the AFFINITY OS™ require a lot of training?

In as little as an hour, whoever you make responsible for the system will be able to manage its day to day operations. As your appreciation of the benefits of the system grow, we can help you deepen your understanding of the system and reporting as requested.

How many times per year do customers and team members get surveyed?

On average, everyone gets surveyed four or less times per year. Customers only get surveyed if they are active.

Can you automate responses to customer and team surveys?

While you do have the ability to automate your responses, we recommend against it. In order to build relationships, authentic communication is best. To save time, we recommend using response templates that are customized to the specific feedback received.

How long does it take to answer a customer and team survey?

A customer survey consists of 6 questions on which the customer chooses a 1-10 rating as well as an optional text box for specific written feedback. The survey can take as little as 90 seconds to complete.

A team member survey consists of 4 questions on which the team member chooses a 1-10 rating as well as an optional text box for specific written feedback. The survey can take as little as 60 seconds to complete.

How can I best leverage my AFFINITY SCORE?

You can uncover negative trends BEFORE they impact your bottom line and you can uncover positive trends that can be implemented in other departments or at other sites.

Watching your Affinity Score over time will reveal trends and nuances to your business that provide invaluable insights and early warning signals. In multi-site operations, comparing site to site will also reveal best practices and allow the multi-site operator to keep a finger on the pulse of their operations no matter how spread apart they are.

How customizable is the AFFINITY OS™?

AFFINITY OS™ has a powerful engine driving the system and has many options to explore. Any additional customization of the system would need to have universal appeal to warrant changing the OS system-wide. We never stop innovating though, and provide new releases with updates and improvements on an ongoing basis.

Can I use the AFFINITY OS™ for multiple locations?

The system is ideally suited to multi-site operations. Comparing site to site can provide invaluable insights into best practices and local, regional, and even international trends in your business.

Do you provide technical support?
We have an experienced tech team who can provide timely and appropriate support as needed.
Do you provide training?

We provide an initial training session to get your team established with the system. This is included in the set-up fee. Additional training is on-demand and billed separately.


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