Is the AFFINITY OS™ expensive?

AFFINITY OS™ is pricing is proportional to your customer base to ensure it remains as affordable when you’re starting out as it is when your business is growing exponentially.

On average, you only need to save 3-4 annual members to cover the cost of the AFFINITY OS™ for a year.

Do I need a full-time team member to use AFFINITY OS™ effectively?

Only a relatively small time commitment is needed per day, per site. As a general rule, the amount of team time required is proportionate to the size of your customer base and number of sites being managed. With unlimited user accounts, you can have multiple team members working on feedback and sharing the load.

Is the AFFINITY OS™ easy to use?

AFFINITY OS™ is a very visual system and intuitively easy to use and understand. As your appreciation of the systems capabilities grow, so will your ability to leverage your accumulating database of feedback. 

Does the AFFINITY OS™ require a lot of training?

In as little as an hour, whoever you make responsible for the system will be able to manage its day to day operations. As your appreciation of the benefits of the system grow, we can help you deepen your understanding of the system and reporting as requested.

How many times per year do customers and team members get surveyed?

On average, everyone gets surveyed four or less times per year. Customers only get surveyed if they are active.

Can you automate responses to customer and team surveys?

While you do have the ability to automate your responses, we recommend against it. In order to build relationships, authentic communication is best. To save time, we recommend using response templates that are customized to the specific feedback received.

How long does it take to answer a customer and team survey?

A customer survey consists of 6 questions on which the customer chooses a 1-10 rating as well as an optional text box for specific written feedback. The survey can take as little as 90 seconds to complete.

A team member survey consists of 4 questions on which the team member chooses a 1-10 rating as well as an optional text box for specific written feedback. The survey can take as little as 60 seconds to complete.

How can I best leverage my AFFINITY SCORE?

You can uncover negative trends BEFORE they impact your bottom line and you can uncover positive trends that can be implemented in other departments or at other sites.

Watching your Affinity Score over time will reveal trends and nuances to your business that provide invaluable insights and early warning signals. In multi-site operations, comparing site to site will also reveal best practices and allow the multi-site operator to keep a finger on the pulse of their operations no matter how spread apart they are.

How customizable is the AFFINITY OS™?

AFFINITY OS™ has a powerful engine driving the system and has many options to explore. Any additional customization of the system would need to have universal appeal to warrant changing the OS system-wide. We never stop innovating though, and provide new releases with updates and improvements on an ongoing basis.

Can I use the AFFINITY OS™ for multiple locations?

The system is ideally suited to multi-site operations. Comparing site to site can provide invaluable insights into best practices and local, regional, and even international trends in your business.

Do you provide technical support?
We have an experienced tech team who can provide timely and appropriate support as needed.
Do you provide training?

We provide an initial training session to get your team established with the system. This is included in the set-up fee. Additional training is on-demand and billed separately.


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