The Importance of NPS (Net Promoter Score®) and eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score®)

It’s clear to see how the ratio of detractors versus promoters would indicate a company’s potential for success. Starting from behind, it would cost a company much more money to win back a detractor as opposed to simply keeping promoters on board. A detractor can file complaints and eat up valuable company resources. They won’t buy more products and services from the company, given their negative experience, and they might very well bad mouth your brand to their friends, families and peers.

The reverse is true with a customer enthusiast and promoter. They’ll buy more from the company they love, they’ll need less company resources, and will refer friends and relatives. Free publicity from a promoter means the company need not spend as much on marketing and advertising! As Fred Reichheld said, “essentially promoters become the company’s marketing department.”

How can NPS work for your business? And how can you increase your NPS?

Bain and Co, who originally introduced these metrics, have researched the correlation between a company’s growth and its Net Promoter Score and Employee Net promoter Score. They found that for most industries, the Net Promoter Score itself accounts for 20% to 60% of a company’s organic growth rate. On average, the leader in an industry has a Net Promoter Score more than double of its competitors and ENPS helps drive this number. (You can find more on the Bain’s website: “NPS and growth”.)

Bain & Co shows on its website a partial list of companies using the Net Promoter Score system. The list is far from comprehensive but gives an idea of the Net Promoter Score popularity and widespread use. The list can be found here: Companies using NPS.

 Calculating an organization’s Net Promoter Score or Employee Net Promoter Score every once in a while, is not enough in itself to bring about any longstanding value. They need to be part of a broader ecosystem whereby the entire organization lives and breathes by them.

First off, without senior leadership sponsorship and a strong commitment to improving the customer and team member experiences, it will be difficult for any one part of the company, be it marketing, sales, operations, customer service, HR or a customer experience team to get the necessary cross-functional adoption and accountability for the program. It needs to be a company-wide effort.

Secondly, the NPS ecosystem needs to have a closed loop. Frontline team members need to be able to act upon real-time feedback and customer insights, whereas operations, sales, and marketing teams should also be able to learn and improve from the utilization of the information obtained. HR needs to be able to track ENPS and guide efforts to improve the team experience in meaningful ways.

Third, the data needs to be properly analyzed. The power of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and the Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS) lie in their simplicity, but unless a business dissects the data and figures out the root causes of its detractors’ experiences, or the factors of the success that turned simple customers or team members into promoters, it will miss out on a recipe for future growth, profitability, and sustainability.  

It is paramount for a company’s leadership to seek out the “whys” behind the data and to adapt and evolve accordingly. This is why AFFINITY OS makes so much sense. By monitoring the AFFINITY SCORE and drilling down as needed on the data, you can dissect and disseminate as much information as you need to help guide your teams’ efforts and decisions in the most efficient and effective way possible.

What is Earned Growth Rate (EGR) and why is it so powerful?

With high NPS and ENPS numbers driving referrals and retention, there is also a simple way to measure their ultimate impact on revenues.

Frederic Reicheld, who invented the NPS system, has recently developed a revenue metric that is called Earned Growth Rate (EGR). This is a combination of two elements: Net Revenue Retention (NRR) and Earned New Customers (ENC).

Net Revenue Retention (NRR) simply measures this year’s revenues from customers who were with you last year, divided by last year’s total revenues.

NRR (%) = Current Year Revenue from Retained Customers from Previous Year ÷ Previous Year’s Total Revenues

This tells you if you’re expanding your existing customers’ spending, or if existing customer spending is contracting.

Expressed as a percentage result which you can track over time, NRR is a bellwether of retention; more spending per customer = increased revenue and retention.

The second element, Earned New Customers (ENC), is the percentage of spending from new customers generated by referrals versus the percentage generated from bought customers. This not only helps you calculate your Earned Growth Rate (EGR), but also allows you to qualify your customer acquisition spend and justify investments in delighting current customers.

When we illuminate which customer segments and acquisition channels represent the best investment, invariably “bought leads” turn out to be far more costly than referred leads.

FACT: Sales conversions and lifetime value are significantly higher among referrals versus bought leads.

To prove this out, it is critical to ask all leads the primary reason for their enquiry, on the day. The importance of this question is often overlooked or underappreciated by salespeople. The truth is, the better the intel they secure from the lead on the source of their enquiry, the more they can help your marketing team tune up their efforts and in turn generate higher quality leads for the sales team themselves.

When referrals are tracked diligently, we can prove this phenomenon out and justify increased focus, attention, and resources on delighting customers and leveraging Promoters.

Once you have established these two important numbers, you can then determine Earned Growth Rate. To do that, you simply add Net Revenue Retention (NRR) and Earned New Customers (ENC) together and then subtract 100%.

EGR (%) = (NRR + ENC) – 100%

As is the case with NPS and ENPS numbers, Earned Growth Rate (EGR) is most relevant in comparing same location sales over time. Even though many companies want to benchmark themselves against their competitors, or industry averages, these numbers most importantly reflect trends within your business and provide early insights into shifts taking place at your various locations.

That said, it is entirely valid to compare these metrics across your locations and this will help define and refine best practices among your sites. Even though there are a huge number of factors affecting each location’s performance, as explained in “The Affinity Principle”,

the engagement of your team and happiness of your customers will more significantly influence Earned Growth Rate than many other economic or environmental factors.

Being able to measure and track these leading indicators allows you to optimize the delicate balance between marketing efforts and customer care initiatives. This increased efficiency and effectiveness will directly lead to increased sales and expanded lifetime value of your customers.


Is AFFINITY OS expensive?

AFFINITY OS is designed to be an affordable solution for businesses of all sizes. We understand the financial constraints businesses can face, especially when starting out or scaling up. That's why our pricing structure is proportional to your customer/member base - this way, AFFINITY OS remains equally cost-effective whether you're just launching your business or when you're in a phase of exponential growth.

Let's break it down:

1. Proportional Pricing: Our proportional pricing model means the cost of AFFINITY OS aligns with the size of your customer base. This makes the platform more affordable for smaller businesses just starting out, but it also ensures that as your business grows, the costs of using the platform grow in a sustainable way.

2. Significant Savings: Consider this - AFFINITY OS helps you identify trends, improve customer satisfaction, and drive customer loyalty, which can directly lead to increased customer/member retention AND referrals. When you consider the potential increase in customer retention and loyalty, the cost of AFFINITY OS is more than justified.

3. Value for Money: Beyond affordability, AFFINITY OS provides excellent value for money. The insights you gain, the efficiency you achieve, and the enhanced customer relationships you build all contribute to a return on investment that far surpasses the initial cost.


The benefits of AFFINITY OS extend beyond just your customers. It also significantly contributes to team member engagement and retention, further enhancing its value and overall return on investment (ROI).

So, let's add that to the narrative:

1. Team Engagement: AFFINITY OS isn't just about connecting with your customers - it's also a valuable tool for fostering engagement among your team members.

2. Team Member (aka "Employee") Retention: Engaged team members are more likely to stay with your company. AFFINITY OS, with its anonymous team member feedback features and emphasis on shared insights, can help create a more satisfied workforce. Team member retention not only saves on recruitment and training costs but also ensures consistency in your service delivery, which can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and, in turn, your bottom line.

3. ROI Expansion: By boosting team engagement and retention, AFFINITY OS contributes to your ROI beyond its impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty. The savings you make from reduced team member turnover, combined with the benefits of a more engaged workforce, further justify the cost of the platform.

AFFINITY OS is not just an affordable solution; it's a strategic investment into your business's growth, understanding of your customers, and cultivation of a dedicated team. The pricing is designed to deliver value at every stage of your business's development, with benefits that directly contribute to your bottom line.

Do I need a full-time team member to use AFFINITY OS effectively? Is the platform time consuming?

One of the greatest advantages of AFFINITY OS is that it is designed to be highly efficient and easy to use. You won't need to dedicate a full-time team member to use the system effectively. Instead, it only requires a relatively small daily time commitment per site, and the time you invest is directly proportional to the size of your customer/member base and the number of sites being managed.

Here's why AFFINITY OS is a time-efficient solution for your business:

1. User-Friendly Design: AFFINITY OS is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. The user interface is intuitive, which means less time spent on training and more time reaping the benefits of the insights gained.

2. Distributed Load: With unlimited user accounts, AFFINITY OS allows you to distribute the workload among your team. Different members can focus on different aspects of customer feedback, sharing the load and reducing the time investment required from any single individual.

3. Automated Analytics: AFFINITY OS automates the process of collecting and analyzing feedback, saving your team hours of manual work. This automation allows you to concentrate on implementing the insights gleaned, rather than getting bogged down in the collection process.

4. High ROI: The time you invest in using AFFINITY OS will yield high returns in the form of actionable insights, improved customer satisfaction, and enhanced employee engagement. As such, each moment spent on the platform is an investment in your business's growth and success.

In conclusion, the time commitment required to effectively use AFFINITY OS is minimal, especially when compared to the wealth of insights and improvements it can bring to your operations. Whether you're a small business or a larger, multi-site operation, AFFINITY OS is designed to help you efficiently harness the power of feedback to drive growth and engagement.

What's the difference between AFFINITY OS and survey systems like Survey Monkey?

While both AFFINITY OS and survey systems like Survey Monkey are tools used to collect and analyze feedback, the comparison stops there. They operate on fundamentally different levels and cater to diverse needs.

Survey Monkey is a survey tool primarily designed to collect feedback, whether it be customer, employee, or market research. While it’s a useful tool for gathering data, it lacks the sophisticated capabilities required to transform feedback into actionable insights.

On the other hand, AFFINITY OS is a comprehensive, AI-driven platform designed to revolutionize both customer experience and employee engagement. It does far more than simply collect feedback. AFFINITY OS uses advanced artificial intelligence to distill feedback from customers and team members into a singular, dynamic AFFINITY INDEX™. This real-time metric provides a tangible representation of your company's trajectory, making it easy to identify trends and areas of improvement.

The distinguishing factor of AFFINITY OS is the actionable insights it provides and its ability to compare and integrate data across multiple sites. It doesn't just collect and present data, but it interprets the data, identifying relevant issues and opportunities, thereby enabling managers and executive teams to make data-driven decisions. These insights help optimize retention, increase referrals, and drive sustainable growth.

Furthermore, AFFINITY OS seamlessly integrates the concept of Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) into its system. This provides a holistic view of both customer and team member satisfaction levels and how they influence business growth.

In a nutshell, while Survey Monkey is a great tool for collecting data, AFFINITY OS offers a much more sophisticated and comprehensive solution. It gives you not only the data collection tools you need but also the advanced analytics, trend identification, and actionable insights necessary for optimizing your customer experience and team engagement strategies. This makes AFFINITY OS the ideal choice for businesses focused on long-term, sustainable growth through enhancing customer experiences and team engagement.

Is AFFINITY OS easy to use?

Absolutely! AFFINITY OS is designed with user-friendliness and visual clarity at its core, making it easy for even the least tech-savvy person on your team to understand and use it effectively.

The system is highly visual, using charts, graphs, and other graphic elements to represent complex data in an easily digestible way. This means you don't need to be a data analyst to get value from AFFINITY OS. Instead, you can quickly glance at the dashboards and gain a comprehensive understanding of your customer feedback and trends.

Moreover, as you use AFFINITY OS and become familiar with its capabilities, you'll find that your ability to extract valuable insights from the accumulated feedback improves significantly. The system grows with you - the more feedback you collect, the more you'll be able to leverage it to drive business improvements and boost customer satisfaction and team member engagement.

In essence, AFFINITY OS is designed to be straightforward and intuitive, whether you're a small business owner or a large, multi-site operation. No matter your size or industry, AFFINITY OS allows you to take full advantage of its features and capabilities, enabling you to turn customer and team member feedback into actionable business insights with ease.

Does AFFINITY OS require a lot of training?

Not at all. The beauty of AFFINITY OS lies not only in its powerful capabilities but also in its ease of use and minimal training requirements.

In fact, within just an hour of introduction and basic training, your assigned team member will be ready to manage the day-to-day operations of the system. But that's just the start. As your understanding and appreciation of AFFINITY OS grow, we're here to help you delve deeper into its capabilities and reporting features as per your needs.

To make this learning journey even more enriching and accessible, every team member will have unlimited access to "AOS Academy." This comprehensive library of microlearning videos is specifically designed to simplify the learning process, guiding users on how to make the most of the system effectively and efficiently.

Moreover, we believe in empowering your leaders. That's why we provide a range of mindful leadership resources. These include an Audible copy of "The Affinity Principle," a best-selling mindful leadership book that serves as the guiding principle of AFFINITY OS. This knowledge allows your leaders to enhance their skills, creating a positive impact across your organization.

For continued growth and education, we also offer the AFFINITY Podcast. It delves into the latest trends in customer experience, team engagement, and mindful leadership and management, providing you with fresh insights and ideas.

In essence, with AFFINITY OS, training isn't a hurdle, it's an opportunity for growth. The system and its supporting resources are designed to foster a culture of learning and improvement in your organization, allowing you to fully harness the power of customer and team member feedback and successfully drive your business forward.

How many times per year do customers and team members get sampled?

On average, everyone gets sampled four or less times per year. Customers only get sampled if they are active.

Can you automate responses to customer and team feedback?

While you do have the ability to automate your responses, we recommend against it. In order to build relationships, authentic communication is best. To save time, we recommend using response templates that are customized to the specific feedback received.

How long does it take to respond to customer and team feedback?

A customer sample consists of 6 questions on which the customer chooses a 1-10 rating as well as an optional text box for specific written feedback. The questionnaire can take as little as 90 seconds to complete.

A team member sample consists of 4 questions on which the team member chooses a 1-10 rating as well as an optional text box for specific written feedback. The questionnaire can take as little as 60 seconds to complete.

How can I best leverage my AFFINITY INDEX?

Your AFFINITY INDEX is a powerful tool, acting as the pulse of your business's health by combining your customers' willingness to recommend your products or services (Net Promoter Score, NPS) and your team members' willingness to recommend your company as a workplace (Employee Net Promoter Score, eNPS). Here's how you can best leverage this invaluable metric:

1. Monitor Regularly: Treat your AFFINITY INDEX as a live pulse-check of your business. Its real-time nature can promptly highlight changes in customer or team member (aka "employee") sentiment, enabling you to stay proactive and responsive to evolving dynamics.

2. Identify Trends: Harness the power of the AFFINITY INDEX to uncover negative and positive trends. Negative trends can be spotted and mitigated before they impact your bottom line, while positive trends can be recognized and replicated in other departments or at other sites for improved overall performance.

3. Benchmark Best Practices: For multi-site operations, the AFFINITY INDEX can offer valuable insights into best practices across different locations. By comparing indices site to site, you can identify high performers and disseminate their strategies to other locations, ensuring a consistently high-quality customer experience and team member engagement across your organization.

4. Guide Strategic Decisions: Your AFFINITY INDEX should inform your business decisions. A fluctuating index could signal the need for improved customer service, product revisions, or workplace culture enhancements, while a steady high score may suggest readiness for growth initiatives.

5. Boost Team Member (aka "Employee") Engagement: Reinforce your team's trust by incorporating their eNPS feedback into business strategies. Enhancing workplace culture and engagement boosts productivity, thereby indirectly enhancing customer satisfaction.

6. Promote Your Score: A strong AFFINITY INDEX reflects your commitment to both customers and team members. Use this as a marketing tool to distinguish your business in a competitive market, thereby attracting prospective customers and potential talent.

7. Close the Feedback Loop: Ensure to communicate the changes and improvements derived from your AFFINITY INDEX back to your customers and employees. This validation of their feedback can fortify their trust in your company and enhance their overall experience.

Remember, the AFFINITY INDEX is not just a number—it's a dynamic tool that can provide invaluable insights, drive impactful changes, and safeguard the sustainable growth of your business. Its strategic leverage can ensure optimized customer experiences and increased team member engagement, making it the heartbeat of your enterprise.

How customizable is AFFINITY OS?

AFFINITY OS boasts a highly versatile design powered by an advanced AI engine, which offers a plethora of options to cater to various needs. It is a flexible and adaptable system that is continuously innovating and evolving.

While the system has been designed to offer robust functionality out of the box, specific customizations may require considerations of their universal appeal and the implications on the system as a whole. This is to ensure that we maintain a coherent, powerful, and user-friendly tool that serves a broad range of users effectively.

Our commitment to innovation means we are constantly working on new releases, integrating improvements, and updating our system based on user feedback and market trends.

In this way, AFFINITY OS remains a dynamic and responsive tool that not only meets your current needs but also anticipates future requirements and opportunities. Our goal is to ensure that the system remains as beneficial and efficient for our users as possible, fostering an environment that supports growth and excellence.

Can I use the AFFINITY OS for multiple locations?

Absolutely! In fact, the AFFINITY OS is ideally designed to manage and optimize customer experience and team member (aka "employee") engagement across multiple locations. No matter how dispersed your operations, AFFINITY OS offers a comprehensive, unified view of your organization, enabling you to effectively monitor and manage the entire landscape of your business.

Here are some reasons why AFFINITY OS is perfect for multi-site operations:

1. Benchmarking Across Locations: The system allows you to compare performance site by site, thereby providing a unique opportunity to identify and disseminate best practices. You can glean insights into what's working well in one location and replicate it in others to create a consistently high-quality experience across all sites.

2. Identify and Monitor Trends: With AFFINITY OS, you can tap into local, regional, and even international trends in your business. It helps you monitor shifts in your AFFINITY INDEX, revealing nuances specific to each location that can aid strategic decision-making.

3. Optimize Resource Allocation: By comparing data from various locations, you can identify areas needing improvement or further investment. Conversely, you might spot opportunities to scale back in areas where resources are underutilized.

4. Enhance Customer Experience: By adopting a bird's eye view of your operations, you can ensure that customers receive a consistent experience, no matter which location they interact with. This consistency can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

5. Boost Team Member (aka "Employee) Engagement: A multi-site view also enables you to monitor and address team member engagement across different locations, helping you create a positive and consistent workplace culture.

6. Facilitate Cross-Site Collaboration: Encourage collaboration between locations by sharing successful strategies and lessons learned. This cross-pollination of ideas can foster innovation and continuous improvement.

In conclusion, using AFFINITY OS for multi-site operations allows you to navigate the complexities of managing numerous locations with ease, providing a unified, holistic view of your customers' and team members' experiences across all sites. It's a powerful tool for gaining insights, facilitating best practices, and driving long-term, sustainable growth.

Do you provide technical support?

Absolutely. We understand that reliable technical support is crucial for a seamless experience with any system. With AFFINITY OS, you have the assurance of a dedicated and experienced technical team at your service. Whether you encounter an issue or have queries, our tech team is ready to provide the appropriate and timely assistance you need.

Our support goes beyond merely troubleshooting; it's about ensuring that you are able to fully utilize AFFINITY OS's powerful features to drive tangible results for your business. The tech team's role is to alleviate any technical concerns so you can focus on what matters most - leveraging your customer feedback to strengthen your business. Remember, your success with AFFINITY OS is our priority, and we're here to provide all the technical support you need to achieve it.

Do you provide training?

Absolutely. We provide initial training to ensure your team is comfortably set up with AFFINITY OS, which is included in the setup fee. This kickstart training is typically all that's needed because AFFINITY OS is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. In fact, within just an hour of this initial training, your chosen team member will be equipped to manage the system's day-to-day operations.

As your team becomes more familiar with the system and your understanding deepens, we're here to help you explore its more advanced capabilities and reporting features as per your needs. Should you require additional training beyond the initial session, we offer on-demand services that can be arranged separately.

What sets AFFINITY OS apart is not just its sophisticated functionality, but also the minimal training required to harness its power. We've intentionally designed it this way to ensure your team can focus more on using the insights it provides rather than navigating its operations.

In addition to this, we provide comprehensive, ongoing learning resources. With unlimited access to the AOS Academy, every team member can engage with a wide array of microlearning videos that simplify the learning process, making it easier for anyone to understand how to use the system efficiently and effectively.

We also supply mindful leadership resources to empower your team leaders. These resources include an Audible copy of "The Affinity Principle," a best-selling mindful leadership book, that serves as the foundational principle of AFFINITY OS. This allows your leaders to elevate their leadership skills, fostering a more positive and productive organizational environment.

For more specialized knowledge and to stay current with industry trends, our AFFINITY Podcast is an invaluable resource. It delves deep into the latest trends in customer experience and team engagement, mindful leadership, and management, providing your team with a wealth of ideas and insights.

In short, while we provide initial and additional training, the true beauty of AFFINITY OS lies in its ease of use and the richness of its learning resources. With AFFINITY OS, training is not just a process, it's a stepping stone to continuous growth and development for your organization.

What kind of businesses can benefit from AFFINITY OS?

Any business that values customer feedback and aims to improve customer experience and team engagement can benefit from AFFINITY OS. This includes businesses in hospitality, retail, healthcare, finance, and more. AFFINITY OS is scalable and customizable, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.

How quickly can I expect to see results from using AFFINITY OS?

Once you start using AFFINITY OS and implementing its insights, you can generally expect to see results within a few weeks. However, the timeline can vary depending on various factors, including the size of your customer base and the extent to which you leverage the system's capabilities.

How secure is my data with AFFINITY OS?

Data security is a priority for AFFINITY OS. The platform is built on the robust and secure SAS infrastructure provided by Medallia. All your data is encrypted both at rest and in transit, and the system adheres to stringent data privacy regulations.

Can AFFINITY OS integrate with my existing CRM or other software?

Yes, AFFINITY OS can be integrated with your existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system or other software you're using in your business. This helps in creating a more comprehensive view of your customer interactions and their feedback.

Is AFFINITY OS accessible on mobile devices?

Yes, AFFINITY OS is designed to be mobile-friendly. This allows you to access your data, analytics, and insights on the go, right from your smartphone or tablet.

Does AFFINITY OS support multiple languages?

Yes, AFFINITY OS supports multiple languages. This feature ensures that you can effectively reach out and connect with your customers and team members, regardless of their preferred language.

What are the system requirements for AFFINITY OS?

AFFINITY OS is a cloud-based system, so the primary requirement is a stable internet connection. The system is compatible with most up-to-date browsers.

How often is AFFINITY OS updated with new features?

AFFINITY OS is regularly updated with new features and improvements. We continually innovate and refine the system based on customer feedback and evolving business needs.

Can I export data from AFFINITY OS for my own analysis?

Yes, AFFINITY OS allows for data to be exported for your own in-depth analysis and reporting purposes.

How does AFFINITY OS ensure user privacy?

AFFINITY OS adheres to strict data privacy laws and regulations. We ensure that all data is anonymized and encrypted to protect the privacy of your customers and team members.

How does AFFINITY OS ensure user privacy?

AFFINITY OS adheres to strict data privacy laws and regulations. We ensure that all data is anonymized and encrypted to protect the privacy of your customers and team members.

How does the AFFINITY INDEX work, and how is it calculated?

The AFFINITY INDEX is a unique metric calculated based on customer feedback and engagement data. It gives you an overall score that reflects your customers' sentiment towards your business, as well as the level of engagement of your team members. This index can help you track your performance over time and identify areas of improvement.

Can I control who in my organization has access to AFFINITY OS data?

Yes, you can set up different user roles and permissions within AFFINITY OS, allowing you to control who has access to what data. This ensures that the right people have access to the right insights.

Does AFFINITY OS offer analytics and reporting capabilities?

Absolutely. AFFINITY OS provides robust analytics and reporting capabilities. You can visualize your data in various (customizable) ways, track your AFFINITY INDEX, and receive automated reports based on your specific needs.

Can AFFINITY OS help me identify the root causes of customer/member dissatisfaction?

Yes, AFFINITY OS's advanced analytics can help identify patterns and trends in customer feedback, helping you pinpoint the root causes of dissatisfaction and address them proactively.

Can I set up alerts or notifications based on specific metrics or events in AFFINITY OS?

Yes, you can set up customized alerts or notifications in AFFINITY OS based on specific metrics or events. This feature ensures that you're immediately informed of any significant changes or issues that need your attention.

What types of questions can I ask in the feedback system of AFFINITY OS?

The feedback system in AFFINITY OS is highly flexible. You can ask a wide range of questions to gauge customer satisfaction, customer effort score, net promoter score, and more. The system also enables open-ended feedback to capture qualitative insights from your customers. However, our best practices suggest asking no more than about five questions.

Does AFFINITY OS offer any industry-specific solutions or features?

While AFFINITY OS is designed to be versatile and applicable to many industries, specific features or solutions may be customized based on the unique needs of your industry.

Can AFFINITY OS support large, multinational organizations with numerous locations?

Absolutely. AFFINITY OS is scalable and can effectively support businesses of all sizes, including large, multinational organizations with numerous locations. The platform can provide valuable site-to-site comparisons and insights into regional and international trends in your business.

Does AFFINITY OS offer any resources or tools for improving customer satisfaction or team engagement?

Yes, AFFINITY OS is not just about providing you with data – it's about helping you use that data to improve. Through insights and recommendations generated by the system, as well as resources like the AOS Academy, "The Affinity Principle," and the AFFINITY Podcast, you'll have the tools you need to enhance customer satisfaction and team engagement.


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Top 10 Reasons to Invest in AFFINITY OS

Elevate Team Member Engagement and Wellbeing

Companies looking to foster a workplace culture that prioritizes Team Member wellbeing and engagement will find AFFINITY OS to be an invaluable resource. The platform incorporates mindful leadership principles from Grant Ian Gamble's best-selling book, "The Affinity Principle," empowering leaders to focus on individual Team Member needs, thereby creating a positive, productive work environment. With higher levels of engagement, companies can expect lower turnover rates, better performance, and an increased sense of loyalty among team members.

Boost Member Experience and Retention

AFFINITY OS goes beyond basic Member Relationship Management (MRM) systems by linking Member experience directly with Team Member engagement. The platform's tools and analytics offer actionable insights into Member behavior and preferences, helping Customer Service representatives to provide more personalized and empathetic service. Enhanced Member experience inevitably leads to higher Member retention rates and more robust brand loyalty.

Drive Referrals Through a Holistic Approach

By combining AI with the human element, AFFINITY OS creates a more cohesive, seamless experience for both Team Members and Members. Satisfied Members become brand advocates, generating high-quality referrals and organic growth for the company. AFFINITY OS can optimize the referral process, making it easier for businesses to capitalize on word-of-mouth advertising.

Harness Data-Driven Decision Making

AFFINITY OS provides an analytics dashboard that offers real-time data and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on Team Member engagement, Member experience, and business performance. Managers and executives can leverage this data to make informed decisions, set realistic goals, and identify areas for improvement. 

Illuminate BEYOND the Data - Highlight Sentiment

AFFINITY OS highlights sentiment in individual exchanges, but more importantly the AI system  distills meaningful sets of sentiment into actionable information. Managers and executives can leverage this objective framework around sentiment to drive decisions, focus goals, and highlight areas for improvement.

Achieve Long-Term Sustainability and Scalability

AFFINITY OS offers not just immediate operational improvements but also a sustainable model for long-term growth. It's a scalable solution that grows with your business, providing consistent value irrespective of your company size. By investing in a platform that focuses on both Team Member well-being and Member satisfaction, businesses can expect a high ROI as they grow. Being able to add sites and look across the portfolio and compare best practices is invaluable to growing businesses.

Utilize Lead Indicators for Proactive Management

Unlike traditional business metrics that focus on lag indicators like financials, AFFINITY OS uses lead indicators such as Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS®) and Net Promoter Score (NPS®) to give businesses a more immediate and actionable insight into their performance. eNPS and NPS serve as early warning systems, highlighting potential issues or opportunities in real-time, allowing businesses to proactively manage their Member relationships and Team Member engagement. This predictive approach can be particularly beneficial for making timely interventions, optimizing resource allocation, and maintaining a consistent quality of service.

Gain Powerful Cross-Site Performance Comparison and Best Practices

For multi-site or multinational corporations, AFFINITY OS offers a unique advantage: the ability to compare performance metrics and best practices across various locations. This fosters an internal culture of continuous improvement and allows businesses to quickly identify and apply successful strategies from one site to another. Whether it’s Member satisfaction scores, Team Member engagement levels, or operational efficiencies, AFFINITY OS provides a holistic view that enables effective cross-site management.

Optimize Data-Driven Prioritization for Resource Allocation

AFFINITY OS equips managers and leaders with data-driven insights that enable them to prioritize their actions and investments effectively. By analyzing metrics related to both Member experience and Team Member engagement, the platform helps decision-makers identify the most impactful areas for improvement or scaling. Whether it's fine-tuning a Member service process, investing in team development programs, or allocating resources for new product features, the actionable data from AFFINITY OS ensures that every decision is aligned with the company's overarching goals and yields the highest return on investment.

Unleash Unmatched Return on Investment: A Cent-Per-Day Revolution

AFFINITY OS disrupts the traditional landscape of NPS and eNPS systems by providing an unparalleled return on investment. Priced at just 1 cent per day per member, AOS makes it affordable for companies in the fitness and wellness industry to invest in a people-centric approach. Despite its cost-effectiveness, AOS doesn't skimp on features; it uniquely integrates NPS (Net Promoter Score) and eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score), offering a holistic view of both customer and Team Member satisfaction.

While other NPS and eNPS systems can be prohibitively expensive and industry-agnostic, AOS is tailored to meet the specific needs of the fitness and wellness sector. The nominal investment in AOS is quickly repaid through increased referrals and customer retention, making it a cost-efficient choice for businesses looking to scale sustainably.

By investing in AFFINITY OS, you can look forward to achieving a balanced ecosystem where Team Members are engaged, Members are satisfied, and the business thrives—making it a worthwhile investment for your forward-thinking organization.


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